Top 5 Games on iOS and Android

Top 5 Games on iOS and Android

Are you looking for awesome new games you can play on your iOS and Android devices? 

Here are the top five best gamesso far.

Yankai's Peak
By Kenny Sun - buy on iOS

Yankai's Peak is a spatial game with the striking art style, and it will keep you wanting to solve all those puzzles. It is the latest game from Circa Infinity developer Kenny Sun.

Bouncy Hoops
By Noodlecake Studios - download on iOS / download on Android

Bouncy Hoops is the combination of the Flappy Bird controls, StarDunk fiery shooting, and SNES-era graphics that will definitely capture your interest.

Cubie Adventure
By UNIT5 - download on iOS / download on Android

Are you up for an adventure? Cubie Adventure is perfect for you. Be prepared for an action-packed 3D platforming speedrunner with a shot of action and super-cute isometric characters and visuals.

Epic Little War Game
By Rubicon - download on iOS / download on Android

Epic Little War Game is the latest addition to the Little War Game series. It is a visually impressive strategy game with lots of online combats.

SUP Multiplayer Racing
By Oh BiBi Socialtainment - download on iOS / download on Android

Challenge your online friends with the UP Multiplayer Racing. You can switch lanes, collect nitro boosts, and swipe your opponents off the track! 

Photo: ParampreetChanana / Pixabay