Top Photograph Advice for Instagram Photography and Filters

Top Photograph Advice for Instagram Photography and Filters

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Filters have become Instagram’s easy way to beautify a photo without going through the complex editing technicalities. It’s as easy as setting how intense it will end up to be, or selecting a certain mood for each.

Giving credit to Envirophone, as of today, the top five filters people use on Instagram would be Valencia, Juno, Nashville, Crema, and finally, Lark.

Photographer Richard Storrow gives the lowdown on why exactly these five filters are everybody’s top pick. He even tells people which filter is best for which shot.

Storrow states that filters more commonly used these days are warmer, nostalgic, with a yellow hue.

“The filters are reminiscent of old film prints, which will always look cool."

Bold Street Sunset, by rami8lfc

Starrow talks about Valencia alongside Juno and Crema. Valencia, according to him, is more of a standout due to its tone and depth. “There are also more greens and blues coming through which makes for a more well-rounded photograph, with the yellows and green/blues bouncing off each other giving a bit more pop!” he said.

Starrow also emphasized that the “tone of voice” plays a great role in one's pictures. It sets the mood, or how everything is put together.

Aerial view of Liverpool at night, by peterhughesphotography

On a larger scale, when it comes to looking at your feed, Starrow goes for consistency. He speaks on consistency alongside a specific colour palette. Sometimes, it’s best to go simple.

Best for Food

For food, Starrow suggests anything that makes the colours pop, but the color should be kept light. Hefe and Juno are two good picks.

Best for Selfies

When it comes to selfies, the key is natural light and how it hits your face. Starrow recommends filters that would emphasize one's cheekbone. He also suggests making an almost personal connection with the camera. He stressed, “Don’t focus on the camera but try to look through it when taking the photograph, this will give a more natural eye-to-eye connection with the viewer.”

Clarendon and Reyes are two filters that should work well with selfies.

Best for Nature Shots

Nature shots would go well with Slumber, Perpetua, Hudson, Sierra, Inkwell, and Hefe.

Best for Cityscapes


Lastly, cityscapes would work well with X-Pro II, Ludwig, Sierra, and Slumber.


Photo: Wokandapix / Pixabay