When is iPhone 8 coming out?

When is iPhone 8 coming out?

People are fussing over the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s, and this one Twitter user is getting ahead of everybody, even Apple. A certain @venyageskin1 announced on his Twitter account that Apple will release iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s on September 17 and sales will start on September 25.

@venyageskin1 has a reputation of giving information about Apple products. He gets his fresh news from his "sources". How reliable are they?

Netizens reacted on his new tweet and labeled it as absurd. Based on the dates he has given, September 17, Sunday, he says that Apple is planning to hold a press conference to reveal iPhone 8. On the contrary, September 25 falls on a Monday, but Apple releases iPhones on Fridays.

Because of the people's excitement on the new generation of iPhones, the news spread easily. But, people should watch out for news without reliable sources. We should keep in mind that not all that we are seeing on the internet can be considered true.

As for the release of iPhone 8, the pre-selling may start on September 15 a week ahead of its actual release on September 22. Still, none of these dates are confirmed. Also, it is uncertain if iPhone 8 will be out in the market alongside iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus or on a later date.