Man Bikes Across US to Raise Money for Vets with Pets

Man Bikes Across US to Raise Money for Vets with Pets

A US Air Force veteran said he is returning a favor to veterans with pets by biking across the country with an 180-pound trailer and a dog beside him.

Harold Palmquist, who was in active duty during the Gulf War back in 87 to 92, said he wants to bring other veterans the same relief he found after he began going into the homeless shelters himself.

Scared he would be separated from his dog Daisy, Palmquist discovered “Vets and Their Pets.”

“They took care of my dog for me,” said Palmquist. “Gave her a homeless shelter while I was in my homeless shelter.”

Palmquist has set out on a 5,000-mile trip across America to raise money and awareness for Vets and Their Pets. “I had a bicycle in California with me,” said Palmquist. “I had my dog. I had the dog crate. I just needed to get a trailer.”

“(Veterans) have benefits that are open to them, and they’re available to them, but because of their pets they don’t go for it,” said Palmquist.

Palmquist and and his dog are inseparable.  “It’s work, but it’s rewarding, and it’s enjoyable, and I’ve never in my past given back to society like I’m doing now,” Palmquist said.

From Williamston, North Carolina, Palmquist’s next stop is Virginia.  He says he’d love for people to follow his journey but more importantly donate to his cause.

Photo by: Louellakillingerdm7651