Myanmar Government Bulldozes alleged Rohingya Mass Gravesite

Myanmar Government Bulldozes alleged Rohingya Mass Gravesite

Rohingya Muslim children / Photo by: Voice of America via Wikimedia Commons


A human rights organization accuses the Myanmar government of trying to hide a mass grave located in the village of Maung Nu in the northern part of the Rakhine State by sending bulldozers to flatten the area, reported The Guardian.

Prior to the allegation of the Arakan Project, two news agency companies, the New York-based Associated Press and the London-based Reuters, conducted their own investigations. They eventually reported that aside from the one in Maung Nu, other mass graves exist.

In August 2017, Burmese military rounded up the Rohingya Muslims living in Maung Nu and killed them, including children as young as seven- to nine-years-old, according to a witness who narrated the massacre to Human Rights Watch, reported HRW on its website.

Villagers were also sexually assaulted and Maung Nu was razed.

The Guardian received a video from the Arakan Project that shows tarpaulin bags half-buried on the ground. A decaying human leg was seen protruding from the of the bags.

The AFP also reported that other areas in Rakhine were flattened.

After the media exposed the mass graves in the region, the government seemed to become bent on eradicating evidence of their existence, according to Chris Lewa, the founder and director of Arakan Project.

Since August 2017, thousands of Rohingya Muslims have died in the hands of the military. The atrocities and the persecution prompted an estimated 70,000 of them to flee Myanmar and seek refuge in Bangladesh.

The Burmese military, on the other hand, would constantly deny the allegations thrown at them.

With regard to the bulldozing of the mass grave in Maung Nu, Zaw Htay, the Government Official Director General, said that the reason was to prepare the land when the Rohingya Muslims return.

He denied that there were any people or houses found in the bulldozed area.