Want to Be a Fitness Model? Follow These Three Methods

Want to Be a Fitness Model? Follow These Three Methods

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Becoming a fitness model will not only be financially rewarding on your part, you will also have that beautiful chance to inspire others to improve their physique and at the same time boost their self-confidence.

There are three general ways suggested by wikiHow to attain this goal.

First Method: “Staying in Shape”

1. Create a daily workout plan.

For beginners, a three-days-a-week workout plan is ideal. It’s not recommendable to suddenly “surprise” your body with all these physical activities. After a few weeks, then it’s a good time to add another training day. For experienced gym-goers, five to six days of training is fine.

Nevertheless, before engaging in any new fitness routine, consult first with a physician, particularly those with heart disease as well as those teenagers raring to improve their built.

2. It is advisable to get a personal trainer for proper guidance.

3. Create a meal plan.

Your workout plan may prove to be useless if you will not watch what you eat. Control your daily calorie intake, but don’t skip meals and ensure that you get as many nutrients as your body needs. Being is fit is being healthy.

Second Method: “Marketing Yourself”

1. Be clear on how you would brand yourself.

Do you envision yourself as a fit parent (young/single dad/mom), fit millennial, fit teacher/photographer/whatever-profession-you-are-in? Some sports and fitness magazines like to feature real-life yogis or fitness enthusiasts more than professional models.

2. Practise your pose.

If you don’t have the budget to attend modeling classes or hire a modeling coach, then learn how to pose by watching online videos of fitness models doing various poses.

3. Chronicle your fitness journey through your social media account.

Everyone wants a happy ending. Attract followers as early as this stage of your journey. That way, you can also establish your credibility.

4. Prepare your portfolio.

According to wikiHow, your portfolio should contain a minimum of six photos highlighting your physique. For men, wear appropriate shorts and go shirtless. For women, do the same thing but wear a sports bra. Instead of shorts, both may opt for compression pants/leggings.

Third Method: “Breaking into the Industry”

1. Submit your portfolio to both small and big modeling agencies.

Let agents know of your existence. An agent can help you improve your portfolio and open doors for you.

2. Be aware of open calls by agencies. Search for them online to keep yourself updated.

3. Join fitness competitions.

Time to test the waters, so to speak, and, as they say, experience is the best teacher. Agents might also be around, and one or two might take interest in you and hand you a business card.

4. Save yourself from embarrassment and fraudulent schemes by doing your homework: research about scams in the modeling industry as well as real-life experiences of fitness models.

5. Seek a lawyer’s advice before signing any contract.