Guide Questions for Future Radio Hosts

Guide Questions for Future Radio Hosts

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Even in this age when millions rely on social media for their daily dose of entertainment plus tons of other interesting stuff, there are still several others out there who tune in to radio shows.

Not only that, there are people who are not contented in merely listening to these shows. They have been dreaming of hosting one, and there’s nothing bad about that. Actually, it’s even possible!

For those who have been wanting to host their own radio show, American radio station WWPR (1490 AM) offers answers to the following common questions that plague the minds of people who may want to give radio hosting a try.

Question No. 1: “Why would I want to host my own radio show?”

Well, you should provide your own answer for this one. For others -- lawyers, doctors, businessmen, various experts -- they host one as their way to disseminate important information or give advice about something within their area(s) of expertise. They also view it as a form of public service on their part.

Some simply want to entertain people and make them laugh.

Question No. 2: “How do I create a new radio show?”

     a. It’s advisable to listen first to different shows to familiarize oneself with the flow. You might also pick some inspiration from them.

     b. Write down the topics that interest you or those that you are passionate about.

     c. Ask around for possible topics. You may like other people’s ideas, too.

     d. List down those things that make a show boring to avoid doing them.

     e. Create a schedule for the first couple of weeks, which will include all the topics you will cover for each day.

     f. Ask support from friends. Request them to call the studio and participate in certain discussions.

     g. It’s ideal to get a co-host for more perspectives regarding an issue.

     h. Promote your show through social media and the classic word-of-mouth marketing.

   i. Contact local radio stations and inquire about airtime fees. Buy whatever fits your time and budget. The station you will choose will most probably guide you in structuring your radio show.

Question No. 3: “What are good topics for my radio show?”

Try the following:

     a. Breaking or trending news

     b. Recent interview of the who’s who in the industry

     c. Anything about celebrities

     d. Issues concerning relationships (such as dating), health, fitness, work, and sex (but keep it wholesome, though).

     e. Movies and TV shows (reviews)

Question No. 4: How do I pay for the radio show?

The money will initially come from your own pocket. As your show gains listeners, you may soon find yourself getting sponsors and advertisements.