Go Travel Solo but Follow These Tips

Go Travel Solo but Follow These Tips

Photo By Free-Photos via Pixabay


An annual survey conducted by MMGY Global, a Kansas-based travel and hospitality marketing company founded in 1981, revealed that one in four Americans this 2018 will embark on a solo trip, according to BudgetTravel.com.

The site notes that with every solo travel comes a huge chunk of freedom.

As writer-speaker Janice Waugh, puts it: “You can do what you want, when you want.”

The author of “The Solo Traveler’s Handbook” (2011) added that traveling on your own helps you build confidence in yourself.

Do you need more convincing?

After 2,000 American solo travelers participated in its survey, Intrepid Travel, an Australian adventure travel company, learned that:

* 57 percent - enjoyed traveling solo

* 45 percent - found it more relaxing

* 31 percent - it gave them better learning experience

* 27 percent - it made meeting other people easier

So, do you want to give it a try? Waugh has these tips for you:

1. “Pick a solo-friendly destination.”

It's recommended to travel within one’s country first so that there is still that sense of familiarity even if you will be exploring a far-flung province. Gain experience first in your own country before you head somewhere abroad.

However, for real risk takers who are native English speakers, Waugh suggests going to Canada, Ireland, Nashville, Tennessee in the US, and cities in Western Europe.

English speakers abound in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and in Paris.

2. “Get to know locals and other travelers.”

Solo travel doesn’t mean being on your own all the time. Don’t be aloof. Search the web for those groups or meetups you could join for a specific activity, such as hiking or wine tasting.

Locals are better tour guides than your travel guide book.

3. “Avoid paying the dreaded ‘single supplement.’”

This “s.s.” is all about accommodations and the tours you avail of. Look for low single supplements so that you won't incur higher expenses.

4. Keep in mind these miscellaneous safety reminders:

     - Make advance booking for where you want to stay.

     - Better arrive at your accommodation in the daytime. In case you want to change for whatever reason, it’s good to look for one while the sun is still up.

     - Don’t pick a room on the ground floor and first floor because thieves can easily access these areas.

     - Inform your immediate family and close friends about the important details of your travel, such as your itinerary and the place where you checked in.

     - Go meet people but make sure it happens in a public place (mall, museums, local café, etc.) and not in someone’s house or a secluded area.

5. “Revel in your solo-ness!”

Simply enjoy your time and enjoy yourself as a solo traveler.