Five Ways to Make Yourself a Team Player

Five Ways to Make Yourself a Team Player

Photo by: luvmybry via Pixabay


Playing sports is all about camaraderie. The main goal is to win but you don’t aim for it to glorify yourself only.

Triumphant sports teams are those comprised of players who consistently uphold teamwork and support their teammates in every way possible.

In sports, it’s crucial to hone your athletic skills, but never forget about cooperation and solidarity.

From, here are five ways to become a team player.

First: “Be a ‘We Player,’ not a ‘Me Player.’”

Don’t be selfish. Don’t hog the spotlight by just focusing all your efforts on how you can score. Help your teammates achieve that as well.

Here’s the ultimate question to ask yourself to determine if you’re a “we player” or not: “Which among these two scenarios will truly make me happy: (a) my performance was great but our team lost, or (b) I didn’t play that well but we won?”

Second: “Work hard and encourage others.”

Some of your teammates may not be as motivated as you are; therefore, make a little effort for some pep talk to encourage them to do their best. In addition, walk the talk. The next time you practice or go to the gym for your physical preparation, invite someone to join you.

Third: “Sacrifice for the team.”

Forget about getting yourself hurt and go run for that ball, or block that ball, or dive on the floor for that ball (when playing ball games, of course).

Regardless of the sport you’re playing, some sacrifices are needed. Remember, a team player thinks of his/her team first.

Fourth: “Cheer for your teammates.”

When you tend to underperform or you spend more time on the bench, vocally support your teammates who are out there in the field or on the court. Go shout something that could boost their confidence and bring back optimism.

Finally: “Don’t point the finger.”

Anything can happen in a game: someone makes the wrong move, another one forgets to pass the ball, your leader miscalculated something, etc. When something wrong happens, don’t blame anyone. Committing mistakes is part of an individual and a team’s everyday learning process. Again, support and encourage each other.