Know Your Body Type: 10 Jeans You Could Try

Know Your Body Type: 10 Jeans You Could Try

Photo by: Ashley Williams via Pexels


Ladies, it could be tough looking for the right pairs of jeans that would work well for your body and give you a flattering fit.

Woman’ gathered 10 pairs women could choose from. Perhaps some of them will give you that perfect fit you’ve been longing for all this time.

1. “Midrise: Goodbye Muffin Top”

A pair of mid-rise jeans reaches nearly 1.75 inches (two fingers) below your navel. For those with a slightly bigger tummy, this pair will help hold it in place.

2. “Straight: The New Skinny Jeans”

This one tends to make the legs look longer and it could also compliment most body types.

3. “Skinny: Two-Tone”

This can render the illusion of having lean legs.

4. “Skinny: Embroidery”

Make your jeans more interesting by adding embellishments or patchwork. Quick tip: place that embroidery on the part that you would like to draw attention to.

5. “Skinny: High Pockets”

To get that lift from your behind, choose pants with back pockets placed higher than the cheeks of your buttocks.

6. “Skinny: No-Seam”

Avoid those pants with three-dimensional side seams. They make your hips look wider.

7. “Bootcut: Elastic Waist”

If you happen to have a waist smaller than your hips, some jeans could add an extra space in the back part. Buy this pair for a more form-fitting look.

8. “Cropped: Vintage Wash”

If you have big calves, better wear this one because the attention goes to the ankle area. Additional tip: For cropped jeans, wear a terrific pair of shoes because the eyes would gaze a lot on your footwear.

9.  “Straight: Dark Wash”

Dark denim jeans could be worn almost virtually any given time: day, night, casual events, and even at your workplace.

10. “Straight: Colorful”

For the love of colors, wear a jacket or sweater in a neutral shade (cream, black, etc.) together with your favorite colored pants.