US Embassy in Montenegro Attacked by Ex-Soldier Turned Suicide Bomber

US Embassy in Montenegro Attacked by Ex-Soldier Turned Suicide Bomber

US Embassy in Montenegro / Photos by: (L) and (R) Madman2001 via Wikimedia Commons


A man carried out a suicide attack on the US Embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro around midnight of February 22, throwing a hand grenade at it before blowing himself up using a different explosive device, reported Fox News.

The embassy was closed during the time of the assault, and the only casualty was the attacker.

The US Department of State informed Americans to stay out of the said embassy because of an ongoing security incident.

“There is an active security situation at the US embassy in Podgorica,” according to its Twitter post.

The reason behind the attack is yet to be established as investigations continue, but according to ABC News, the State Department claims that the said bombing is part of the present threats to America.

The suicide bomber, identified by an immediate relative as Dalibor Jaukovic, 43, was a former decorated soldier. He was born in Serbia but became a citizen of Montenegro.

Former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, who died in 2006, was reportedly the one who awarded him the military decoration after the 1999 bombing of Montenegro and Serbia by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a political and military alliance founded by the US and 11 other European nations in 1949, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2017, Montenegro joined the NATO, becoming its 29th member. Many of its citizens, however, disapproved of such membership.

An attempt to overthrow the government of Montenegro was foiled in 2016. Among those arrested were a couple of Russian secret service agents. The reason for such attempt was believed to be the pro-Western policies embraced by the country.

Prior to Montenegro’s membership, the last time NATO got new members - Albania and Croatia - was in 2009, according to its website.