Fox Cancels '24: Legacy'

Fox Cancels '24: Legacy'

The essence of the TV hit show, 24 will still carry on, despite the fact that Fox has decided to cancel 24: Legacy instead of renewing it for a second season. This development came despite Fox heavily investing in  24: Legacy by premiering it after the Super Bowl earlier this year.

The Fox network has chosen to shift gears and work with producers to re-create the franchise with a “new version” that would have a brand new cast in the future.

They also have said that this new incarnation of 24 would be more like an anthology and would operate like a single season miniseries. 

The fate of 24: Legacy came as a surprise after being revived with Straight Outta Compton breakout star Corey Hawkins, Homeland actress Miranda Otto, and Sons of Anarchy star Jimmy Smits.

In the beginning, the show’s trailer racked up a record-setting 10 million online views for the Fo network, then 17.6 million viewers watched Legacy‘s heavily promoted post-Super Bowl debut episode.

Unfortunately, ratings rapidly decreased every week, with the season finale actually tying the show’s all-time lowest numbers - with only 3.3 million viewers and only 0.8 among adults in the 18-49 age bracket. 

The situation of putting a stop to a once-popular TV series the same year it airs after the Super Bowl is the opposite of normal. For a similar point of reference, you have to consider the short-lived ABC drama Extreme from 1995.  

It must be stressed that 24: Legacy was not totally brand a new show, because it did combine characters from 24, making it a half-sequel, half-reboot, remake. 

Typically, television networks make these decisions for shows before their upfront presentations to advertisers in May, but this situation was also unique in that the canceled series was given an extension into June for producers to pitch possible ways of continuing the show.

Photo by: VITALYD / Flickr