Alice Art Gallery's Patrick Rapai and his Jaw-dropping Artistic Ability and Story

Alice Art Gallery's Patrick Rapai and his Jaw-dropping Artistic Ability and Story

People of the media and the art world have their eyes set on artist Patrick Rapai. Alice Art Gallery in Ruimsig has showcased some of the artist’s finest works and people can’t help but be in awe.

Starting off small, it was about time that Rapai showed his works to the world. Having chosen the decision to present his masterpieces in an art gallery was just his one way ticket to even bigger opportunities.

Rapai’s art journey into art did not come without struggle. Just like many artists, eliciting one's family support in his chosen path was no easy task. Despite the lack of support, Rapai continued to pursue his passion even if it meant supplying for himself.

Rapai’s influence to the art world did not start with local art gallery exhibits. He was an influence way before, having had experience teaching art to kids for six months.

Alice Pitzer, curator of Alice Art Gallery, allowed works of Rapai's students to be showcased as well.

Asked about his influences in his art, Rapai admitted that he gets his inspiration from different travels and encounters with people all over the world.

As for technicalities, Rapai is a multitasker, stating that he works on two different canvases simultaneously. Adding to his technique, he states that he applies seven layers on each piece. Considering the complexity and detail he puts in his artworks, it usually takes at least three days for him to finish a masterpiece.

Rapai encourages people to invest in art, as these mature with time, eventually becoming collectible investments -- but that depends on "how good the art is," he conceded.

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