Former Spice Girl Returns to Recording in Musical Tribute to George Michael

Geri Halliwell-Horner, former member of the stellar British group, The Spice Girls, will be releasing her first single in 12 years. The album contains her brand new track, Angels in Chains in honor of the music icon, George Michael who died Christmas day of 2016. The track is scheduled for release on June 23.

Angels in Chains is a ballad intended to bring healing to anyone who went through the loss of a loved one. It also includes references to famous songs of George Michael. Horner wrote the song after hearing the sad news of the British music icon's death. She was full of emotions and nine months pregnant with his son Monty at that time.

Horner worked with members of George Michael’s music family, including Chris Porter, Chris Cameron, and Phil Palmer. Back-up singers include the following: Shirley Lewis, Jay Henry and Lucy Jules. The whole process has become a form of healing for Horner and her way of saying goodbye to George. His death also helped in making her restart her career. Profits from the track will entirely be donated to George's favorite charity, Child Line.

Horner launched her solo career in 1999. In 2005, she released the album Passion. Horner is currently enjoying family life with husband Christian Horner with their 11-month old son Monty and Bluebell, her 11-year old daughter from a previous relationship.