How to Dance Zumba: Effects, Suits, Movements and Calories.

How to Dance Zumba: Effects, Suits, Movements and Calories.

A young woman doing the zumba dance. / Photo by: Ajan Alen via Shutterstock


Zumba refers to the fitness movement made by the Colombian Alberto “Beto” Perez. This exercise dance involves aerobic and dance movements performed with energetic movement. The birth of this dance was October 1999. Due to its fad and trending popularity, it went popular in 180 countries.

Zumba Dance Effect

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Zumba benefits the body by burning calories or fats, improve muscle coordination, improve confidence, give ways to other forms of exercises, boosts mind and provides availability to everyone.

How to do Zumba dance

Two women dancing the zumba. / Photo by: Undrey via Shutterstock


First, you have to gather the right clothing, bring a large bottle of water, keep your confidence - don’t mind about what other people think and follow the right movements, join a Zumba class and follow the right movements. Here are the details.

Zumba dance suit

Women in their proper zumba attire. / Photo by: wavebreakmedia via Shutterstock


The best clothing would be made of exercise bands, Zumba cargo pants, non-cotton T-shirts, and shorts. The following lists the various clothing for bottoms and tops.

For tops:

Tank tops

Bra Tops

Sleeveless V-Neck Tops

Bra Tops

Spaghetti tops


For Bottoms

Cascade capris

Jazz pants

Flare capris

Seamless leggings

Zumba dance costume tips

A couple in their regular gym attire. / Photo by: iofoto via Shutterstock


Avoid long sleeve shirt around the shirt - This type of shirt can cause tripping or slipping hazard.

Avoid low cut tops - Because Zumba requires a lot of moving, bouncing and jumping, you should avoid wearing low cut shirts.

Choose the right bra - For women,  choose a bra that has great wicking capabilities and avoids those made from cotton which can cause irritation.

Best music for Zumba

A large woofer used in zumba dances in public parks. / Photo by: Ridtee Chotechuang via Shutterstock


The best music for Zumba should be energetic. The following are the best music:

Chantaje by Shakira

Exhilarate workout

Focus by Ariana Grande

Happy by Pharrell Williams

La mordidita by Ricky Martin

La Mordidita by Ricky Martin

La Rompe Corazones

Limbo by Daddy Yankee

Pause by Pitbull

Que Viva la Vida

Shake it off by Taylor Swift

Zumba he Zumba

Zumba movement

One of the steps for zumba. / Photo by: Iakov Filimonov via Shutterstock


Steps for the basic salsa

With your left take one step to the left

With your right foot, rock your weight back

With your left foot, step back to the center

Make a pause for the fourth count.

With your right foot, step to the right.

Transfer your weight to your left foot

Move your right foot back to center

Make a pause upon the eight count

Do the above steps alternatively, by doing in forwarding and backward direction.

Basic Cumbria steps

A zumba step that is similar to the Cumbria. / Photo by: Iakov Filimonov via Shutterstock


Step your left foot forward while your right foot planted. Make your body tall and avoid leaning with your leg. Make your front knee straight. Pick your lead leg and move it behind your right leg. By this time, move your left foot behind your body as well as your toes while keeping the rest of the foot off the ground. Twist your hips and move your left foot to the front again. Stay stepping with your left only until you feel comfortable with the motion. Try this motion

Basic Merengue steps

Partnered dancers doing the merengue dance. / Photo by: Standret via Shutterstock


Start by standing tall with your feet close together.  Move your hips to the right and left your lift foot and stomp it on the ground. Afterwards, move your hips to the left and lift your right foot and stomp it. Follow a rhythm with that step pattern. Move faster once you’re comfortable. Add arm movements such as reaching out to the side or overhead as you step.

Basic Reggaeton Steps

A female dancer mixed reggaeton and hiphop. / Photo by: Val Thoermer via Shutterstock


Start with leg movements. With your left foot, step out wide. Move your right foot in and tap it right near to your left foot. While you tap your right foot, lean to the right. Try this step using your left foot planted while you move your right foot.

With your right foot, step wide to the right to catch your fall. Using your left foot, step close to the right while leaning to the left. Stay alternating to the left while you get comfortable with the steps. When you’re comfortable, add your arm movements. Raise your right arm up high when you step both feet to the left. Put your feet down and step to the right. Next, reach your left arm.

Zumba diet

Two women showed how much they lost on their weight. / Photo by: Ruslan_127 via Shutterstock


Take it seriously- Start making your mind up that you’ll take this matter seriously.

Aim for weight loss goal - Write down a plan or use a spreadsheet to monitor your weight loss. Write down how much % your body fat has to shed. Do this weight loss goal every two weeks. Keep this plan in a softcopy in the computer or a diary.

Make a Zumba schedule - Join a class. Do a zumba class every evening or morning which depends on your school or work schedule. In the beginning, practice Zumba each alternate daily. When you advance, do 5-6 hours Zumba weekly.

Stick to a good lifestyle - Take vegetables (4-5 types), fruits (2-3 servings of 3 types), balanced servings of rice bran oil, nuts, olive oil, the protein with every meal (chicken, fish, mushroom, beans, tofu and mushroom).

Drink water - To stay hydrated by drinking at least three to four litres of water daily. Ensure to keep a healthy water limit to avoid water intoxication or hyponatremia.

Zumba dance calorie

A woman comparing how much food it will intake to one zumba session. / Photo by: Dragon Images via Shutterstock


For women, they need to burn between 350 to 650 calories per hour on Zumba of full intensity. This calorie burning depends on muscle content, fitness level, exact weight etc. If you do the samba, merengue and salsa for 1 hour and you weigh  150 pounds, you’ll burn 599 calories. If you weigh 130 pounds, you’ll end up burning 519 calories. A tip for burning more calories is to use the high-impact move versions such as squatting, jumping higher and lunging lower while moving your arms.