Women's Sandals: Types, Tips, and Fitting

Women's Sandals: Types, Tips, and Fitting

                                                                                                 Three pairs of women sandals / Photo by Getty Images


Sandal from the Greek word “‘sandalion” or wooden shoe. Ancient Greeks of various social status wore sandals for their hunting, gathering, and acting. They used cattle skin for soles and colored leather for the top. Ancient Egyptians wore sandals made of papyrus and palm-leaves. As material technology and process advanced and so as the various sandal types.

How to choose women's sandals

The best sandal depends upon your feet size and usage but there are one thing that you must think about - feet protection and quality.

Choose a fitting sandal first before fashion. You’ll end up suffering from blisters upon forcing your feet on non-fitting sandals.

Choose a type of sandal that fits with the type of your activity.

Choose a flexible sandal with arch support.


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How to choose a sandal size

The sandal size depends on your country and sole length. For instance, the Brazilian style for toe sandals’ length exceeds the heel and toe sections while the European style ‘s length ends at the curves of heels and toes. For length, If you're sole length is 22 cm, then get a size 35/36, for 24,5 cm - 39/40, 27 cm - 41/41, 27,5 cm - 43/44 and 29,5 cm - 45/46.  For more info check https://www.rainbowsandals.com/customer-service/sizing-chart


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Tips for wearing sandals

Prevent sandal odor - Eliminate odor especially on the hot weather when you sweat a lot. Use the antibacterial spray and wipe them over the sandal. Leave it dry in a cool room.

Prevent sandal squeaks - With talcum powder, spray the insoles to prevent friction between the actual sole and insoles of your sandal. Another is, remove the insoles and remove moisture.

Prevent sandals from hurting your feet - Your feet can get blisters and sores caused by heat, not wearing sandals tight sandals. This is true also during cold winter.


                                                                                                 Using talcum powder to prevent sandals from squeaking / Photo by Flickr.com


Sandals fitting

Wear sandals half a size to a whole size if your feet is half size. Choose sandals that have extra room or space to avoid blistering and swelling. Also, opt for sandal’s material that is malleable and stretchy to your feet. If you choose heeled sandals, opt for styles 1 inch to 11/4 inch heel which can help your foot in its natural arch shape, ease foot arch pain and elevate your heel.

Sandals straps can ensure a snug front strap which keeps your sandal on your foot. To avoid swelling, an inch should be under the strap. An ankle strap should be looser than the front strap and fit in the Achilles arch which is a curve at the back of heel. Choose buckle fastenings or Velcro if you suffer from blisters or sores from the strap. Always leave a room for adjusting.


                                                                                                 A matured woman trying in different styles of sandal / Photo by Shutterstock


Types of sandals

Dress sandals - Embellished with sparkles, metallic accents, and bright colors, dress sandals make a perfect footwear for special occasions, rooftop soirees, and weddings.

Embellished - Features metal plated and gem lined straps. Other variants include floral decors.

Gladiator - A knee-high style and versatile low strappy design.

Wedge - Features a solid heel and under soles.

Slide - Stylish and comfy footwear, slide sandals are akin to slides worn indoors. They look casual and simple although some variants feature embellishments such as metal plating, gems, floral, fur, leather and decorated plastic.


                                                                                                 Young lady choosing 2 pairs of wedges sandal / Photo by Getty Images


A type of Sandal: Crocs women’s sandals

From a famous footwear brand “Croc”, crocs women’s sandals are lightweight. They came in various styles and embellishments such as Sloane hammered metallic flips, hammered metallic slides, embellished wedge flips, and leopard print flip.


                                                                                                 Two pairs of colorful crocs sandals / Photo by Pixabay


A type of sandal: flat iron sandal

Flatiron sandal refers to footwear without high heels and embellished with metallic plates or glitterings. Some flat iron sandal features real iron metallic materials made up of iron and alloy.


                                                                                                 Elegant brown flat sandal / Photo by Flickr.com


Types of strap sandals

Ankle strap (with a loop or fixed) - A standard around the ankle strap used in women’s dress shoes.

Double X-strap - provides four anchors to secure your foot as if you’re wearing a lace-up style.

X-strap arch - Anchors your foot to the arch of the shoe that provides an amount of stability and support.

X-strap ankle (with or without loop) - Firmly anchors into your shoe and provides twice coverage than a traditional strap.

T-strap - Connects evenly to the shoe base while easing some of the tightness and pressure off the ankle.


                                                                                                 Michael Kors Berkley T-strap sandal / Photo by Wikimedia Commons


Strap sandals

Espadrilles - Timeless and sophisticated, espadrilles come with flexible soles made of rubber or rope. They are sensible and fashionable and available in embellishments like decorative buttons, ribbons, and laces.

Gladiator sandals - Available in different patterns such as beads, stamps and embroidery and materials - plastic, rattan and leather.

T-strap - Classy and elegant, T-straps make a T-shape across your feet. It comes in various materials, colors,  and patterns.


                                                                                                 Brown espadrille sandal / Photo by Flickr.com


Women’s shoes and sandals

Sometimes people use these terms interchangeably. The sandal is a type of shoe which is open, with bands or straps that holds a sole to the foot while a shoe is closed that doesn’t extend to the ankle. It’s commonly made up of synthetic material, rubber or leather.


                                                                                                 Close up of woman's legs with shoes and sandal on the floor / Photo by Shutterstock