Obsolete, best friends, enemies, or allies?

During the 2016 United States election, Donald J. Trump had bombarded the American people with talk of “America First.”  He pontificated on the stump about Nato(North Atlantic trade Association)being “obsolete” as well as bashing NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement)calling it a job killer.  While later going on to say the six-country Iran nuclear agreement was the worst deal ever negotiated.  That says a lot coming from a man who has a history of bad negotiations both public and private.

Among the many foreign leaders, Trump has lampooned is Chinese Xi Jinping, whom he now calls a “good friend.”  Trump’s shift in these policies and rhetoric aren't calming the already uneasy global leaders and their like.  One would imagine the other world leaders are feeling that they are dealing with a two-headed monster, at the very least, on good days.

When the leader of the United States embarks on his first overseas trip while in office, you have to believe there may be some bumpy water ahead or at least a great deal of confusion within the ranks.  The constant flip-flopping and mind-changing would make an Astronaut’s head spin.  At the very least, or most positive point, depending on how you look at it Trump’s vague and ever-changing foreign policy does not have too many people feeling great about things.

The question marks are too abundant; the inconsistency of Donald Trump and his administration is a worrying premise on the horizon, and the people of the United States and those abroad are biting their nails and gritting their teeth at what may or may not happen next.