Samsung SDS Launches New AI-Based Data Analytics Platform

Samsung's IT division will be launching a new AI analysis platform to the main public / Photo by Tktktk via 123RF


Samsung has been hard at work, creating competitive technology and expanding into many different fields like artificial intelligence (AI) software and smartphone technology. Recently, Samsung SDS, the IT division of Samsung, announced that they will be launching a new AI analysis platform to the main public. This information was publicized during a recent tech conference a few days ago and is a part of the initiative of Samsung to advance their AI related services in the market.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has dabbled in the use of AI technology, with their launch of the Brightics AI data processing software just last year. This has been a useful tool for a lot of different industries like manufacturing, marketing and logistics, so much so that they decided to open a more open source version called Brightics Studio. This particular AI uses algorithms to analyze large quantities of data and it has been evolving ever since its launch. The new open source version became available the moment the news was announced and this new version means that anyone with a laptop can use it, without having the IT expertise necessary for more traditional AI systems. The particular conference this was announced at was also quite unique, as it was the first of its kind that was hosted by Samsung SDS. In this event, more than 1000 participants -- including IT developers, university and graduate students, as well as many others -- joined. Hong Won-pyo, the current chief executive officer of Samsung SDS, stated, “Global IT firms such as Samsung Electronics, Google, and Microsoft have hosted developer conferences for years to contribute to the vitalization of the world’s IT ecosystem. We plan to host the conference on a regular basis to strengthen IT developers’ capabilities and contribute to the vitalization of the IT ecosystem.”