AI Device Designed to Help and Support the Elderly

There is a new AI device created just for elderly that is capable of monitoring them and alerting authorities if there is something wrong. / Photo by: Getty Images


A new device is now available to help and support the elderly exactly when they need it. This is especially important as the healthcare and well-being of senior citizens, not just in the United States but in different parts of the world, are often neglected. This device, called the miiCube, is being dubbed the ‘Amazon Echo for the elderly’ for its ability to monitor the lives of seniors in its vicinity using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

This small white cube can essentially save thousands of lives by simply checking and monitoring if there are any issues that come up in the seniors' daily lives. It uses AI technology to learn people’s routines, track their movements, and eventually alert the relevant authorities if a problem happens in real-time. This can solve the issue of having to constantly monitor the elderly; sometimes people don’t even notice something is wrong until it’s too late. Small, subtle signs and even shifts in schedule that are too small for some people to even see can be discovered and tracked by this device. The creator of the miiCube, Kelvin Summoogum, developed this idea when his grandmother broke her hip at home. He said that she spent more than 12 hours in agony before anyone found out that she had this issue and was brought to the hospital. He said, “It was a horrible experience, and one I don’t want anyone else to have to go through.” Currently, the device is being developed at the Medway Innovation Center and has been backed by big names like Kent County Council, Santander, and Royal Mail.

The miiCube can even monitor vital signs and sense if someone is feeling unwell. For instance, it can detect early signs of diabetes or kidney infection. Because of a recent 260,000 euro pledge to this project through crowdfunding and their 250 investors, Summoogum and his team are set to release this device by May of next year.