Google Glass smart eyewear is back!

Google Glass smart eyewear is back!

Two years after the cancellation of the original product, Google remodeled their smart eyewear and back to business.

According to Glass Enterprise Edition, the Glass has a more powerful processor, eight-megapixel camera, and stronger wi-fi connectivity. Also, the camera button is easier to be detached from the frame, and the battery life lasts for eight hours excluding video streaming. Germany-based Ubimax told BBC that the device will cost 1,500 euros ($1,735; £1,335).

The target market for the Glass covers a wider range than when it was first released.

"For example, a floor worker can get a single view of all the sensor data across a production line, from data about output and wear and tear of components, to where the bottlenecks are, all in a way they wouldn't be able to do just by wandering the line normally," said Chris Green from Lewis, a technology consultancy.

Jay Kothari informed that logistics workers at DHL, a delivery company; engineers at General Electric; and medical practitioners at Dignity health have been using the Glass for some months -- in secrecy.

Moreover, Kothari said that workers from healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and field services find the Glass useful because they can look up for an information while their hands are busy.

However, Google would have to compete with other companies such as Microsoft with its augmented reality headset - HoloLens. Microsoft released an upgraded version of the HoloLens last year. Also, Vuzix, Meta, and Epson designed their own augmented reality eyewear.

Photo by: Antonio Zugaldia / Flickr