IT Disaster Stymies British Airways

IT Disaster Stymies British Airways

Credits: The Star Press

After an IT breakdown, British Airways is back up and running today, operating almost all of its scheduled flights.  According to CEO Alex Cruz, the company is running at about 95 percent from London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

British Airways had to cancel every flight from Heathrow and Gatwick Saturday when a power outage disrupted its operations across the world, damaging its website and call centers. The outage came at a very inopportune time, as it was a holiday weekend.

Hundreds of stranded passengers could be found at airports trying to catch some sleep and hoping for a quick fix to the problem. 

Some people were a little less subdued.  Tom Callway said “Apologies all well and good but not enough."  Callway was trying to get to Budapest.

Cruz said the source of the problem was a power surge and had nothing to do with a cyber-attack of any kind. British Airways is left to tally up the cost of the one-day shutdown as well as calculating what this may do to future profits and the company's reputation.